Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Two Years Ago Today: Drilling Inside the Pit

A couple photos from an early morning visit to an exploration drill rig inside an active mine. The sun was just coming up over the east wall of the pit, about to blind us. Mud on the bench floor is from a water truck passthrough to keep dust under control.
The pit was busy, as pits often are, with haul trucks going back and forth from the shovel, just in front of the rig. The driller was being annoying because I said to keep drilling. (Hey, it's his job!)


GeologyJoe said...

now THAT is some serious drilling!

at best I only get to supervise a standard bedrock drinking water well.

Silver Fox said...

Drill size is probably about the same to a water-well rig. It can be hectic drilling in a mine pit - tyring to get a rig in and out or moved...