Friday, July 27, 2007

An Update from the Lake

I started working in a small Nevada town early this spring. Strangely enough, the picture I first posted on this website some months ago was of an old mine dump located in the area [picture removed].

My life as a geologist has taken me from my first field camp in Arizona in 1973, to my first paying job as a geologist in Virginia in 1975, to my first field job in Austin, Nevada in 1977, to my first camp job in Caliente, Deer Lodge (Stateline), Hot Creek Canyon, and Bowman Creek (Northumberland Caldera) - all in Nevada - and all in 1978 - finally, through many twists and turns (of fate or roads or geological strata) - to the small town in Nevada where I'm currently working, not all that far from where I started. That is to say, I consider that my real career as an exploration geologist mostly began during that long-ago summer of 1978, when I first drove north and south on Highway 8A on a routine basis.

Map from NDOT, 1976-1977 Highway Map.

Highway 8A References:

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