Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day from the central Basin and Range

Thanks to a combination of faults and linears along 1) the Walker Lane, 2) some ENE-trending structures in northwest Nevada that parallel the main trend of the Snake River Plain, 3) the Northern Nevada Rift (the north-central, NNE-trending magnetic linear on this map), 4) some northeasterly features in north-central Nevada that trend toward the Snake River Plain, 5) the Wasatch Fault, and 6) other Basin and Range structures near Las Vegas (going clockwise from the west), I've managed to outline a large heart-shaped feature in the central part of the Basin and Range.
That's what I see every time I look at the Nevada-Utah part of the Basin and Range on Google Earth. (Enlarge both images, then click back and forth to see where I've drawn the lines.)

Happy Valentine's Day!

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