Saturday, December 24, 2011

Not Quite Blogger Meetup

While sitting at the empty table beyond the closest or largest "Alaska" sign in an unnamed bar at the SeaTac airport ...
...and after eating this early lunch with Pike IPA ... ... I had a fine phone forum with Dana Hunter of En Tequila Es Verdad fame (True Fame, really) — and we decided that we would definitely meet sometime in the future.
Here's to ya, Dana! :)


Dana Hunter said...

That made for an extremely fun morning! Now if only work hadn't expected me to, y'know, come in and work.

A meetup is definitely in our future. And I'll have a little somethin' up for ya tonight.

P.S. The captcha is geoven. Heh.

Nina F said...

Taking pictures of draft beers I'm enjoying in obscure bars is also a favorite "post"time of mine!

Silver Fox said...

@Dana - yeah, what's with work expecting you to work?

@Nina - I should have a beer blog! :)