Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Coarse-Grained Calcite in the Devils Gate Breccia

I just realized that I meant to include one of these photos in the main post about the breccia at Devils Gate, near Eureka, NV. Instead of one extra photo, I hereby give you three.

The matrix between the dark gray limestone breccia fragments consists of coarse-grained white calcite, with the calcite crystals intergrown in a fashion that I've not seen before.

Here's a photo zoomed in on crystals near the tiny bush in the previous photo. This time my boot barely made it into the photo.


Kea said...

Neat images as always.

Silver Fox said...

Thanks, Kea! :)

Nina Fitzgerald said...

Ooooh breccia! Catching up with posts about Devil's Gate. Enjoying the images. Will be helpful when I spot this sort of thing in my travels.

Silver Fox said...

As always, let me know if you pass through, maybe we could meet at the breccia (or somewhere).