Monday, May 21, 2012

Busy Days!

I haven't been blogging much, and there is a reason — well, there are several reasons, a major one being the move I've been involved in since at least late April, another major one being my new job with it's longer drive time that results in essentially 11.5 to 12 hour days: leave our new place at 5:30 in the morning, arrive back sometime between 5:00 and 5:30 in the early evening, depending.

Here we are on our first U-Haul van trip, driving past some Ely Limestone on the left and right side of Highway 50 near the turnoff to Ruth, NV, with a reddish hill of Rib Hill Sandstone (??) in the sunlight straight ahead:
And we're not done with the move yet, although we're getting closer to our goal of being out of the old place and entirely ensconsed in the new place, which will entail unpacking, reorganizing, and making preparations for a related new adventure that is more MOH's than mine, but which will involve completely cleaning out and refurbishing my old truck.
The caravan on our first trip, in Jakes Valley.

Our caravan this trip will not be quite as complicated, nor will it involve my old truck or the Prius.

And here's a shot of the van with Prius in tow heading north on S.R. 278 toward what *might* be a ridge of eastward-dipping Eureka Quartzite.
Maybe we'll have time to stop and take a look at the supposed quartzite today or tomorrow or whenever we get out of town — or maybe not.

For now, back to packing, cleaning, packing, more cleaning, calling utilities et al, loading, last minute packing and more loading, driving and driving, arriving, unpacking at storage and new apt, reorganizing, trips from apt to storage and back, and whatever else I've forgotten.

Location shown below is the approximate location of the last photo.


Nina F said...

Ooohhh - Eureka Quartzite!

Good luck with your move and don't hurt yourself like I recently did.

Hollis said...

Great caravan photo! I'm taking off tomorrow and sooo looking forward to the basins, ranges and empty roads of your photos.

Ann said...

Good luck with the move. I hope you have a lot of pleasant surprises with this move and find some hidden treasures you have forgotten all about.

Gaelyn said...

With all the working hours please be careful moving. Like Nina, I hurt myself moving also. Good Luck!

Silver Fox said...

Nina, we didn't stop to look - it was way too late in the day once we got on the road.

Hollis, hope you had a great trip!

Ann, I just hope I find the things I packed!

Gaelyn (& Nina), I started out with some problems, possibly from earlier packing, maybe from work (certainly not from blogging too much!). I didn't do any lifting this trip, only some light packing.

Anonymous said...

Busy is good, it makes value out of yr life.