Monday, April 22, 2013

Things You Find in the Field: Pyramidal Objects #1

Quartzite on top of "Dike Hill."
I came across this small, pyramidal rock on top of the hill seen first in this earlier post about dikes and drill holes. I didn't know what its full shape would be until I walked over to it, having gotten a glimpse of it from below. The first view made it look like a nearly perfect, small Pyramid of Giza.
View showing all sides.
Yes! It's in the shape of a pyramid, in this case a right, rectangular (not perfectly square) pyramid, a little eroded and lichen-covered on its more northerly sides. Pretty well-formed for a rock, eh?


Cath@VWXYNot? said...

That is pretty damn cool! Any idea what would have caused it, assuming that the answer isn't "ancient aliens"?

Silver Fox said...

Ancient mini-aliens!

The quartzite has a couple strong jointing directions in outcrop, and in the first photo you can see at least one other rock that's forming a pointy shape. There were a couple more rocks that approximated a teepee or even pyramid shape, so I think the jointing pattern here just happened to mimic a pyramid when eroded, with the 2 sides preserved well, the other two not so much.

It would be interesting to know the angles the faces make to each other, but I didn't carry any measuring devices with me.