Thursday, July 3, 2014

Update from the Lake: Pictures from a Canoe Trip

A quick report on a canoe trip we took recently:
Bright yellow wildflowers in a marshy meadow above the lake.
A narrow waterway through the yellow and reddish meadow.
Dead, partly decomposed (or eaten?) snake amongst yellow flowers.
A small waterfall on the shore.
Pelican in the lake. Other pelicans near the shore (distant white blobs).
Pelican above the lake.
Pelicans in and out of the lake.
Wildflowers in the water.
A final closeup.
I can't look up what kind of flower these are, not knowing enough about aquatic plants to have a place to begin, so if anyone knows...leave a comment, please!


Utemike said...

Maybe Swamp smartweed

Silver Fox said...

Thanks, judging by the color, I think it's this variety of Polygonum amphibian L. rather than this one. Both types of Polygonum are listed as noxious weeds in CA (even though both are considered native according to USDA).