Friday, July 15, 2016

Things You Find in the Field: An Old Outhouse

MOH and I were driving around several years back—after we had completed some field work with some former Former Mining Company employees—when we came across this old outhouse with a nicely carved crescent moon in the detached door. With an old, probably 1-2 megapixel camera, we took pictures of each other sitting inside the outhouse.
Blurrified photo of myself. Likewise one of MOH (not shown).
Some time later, probably near the end of that same year, we decided to make up some original Xmas cards. This was back in the Windows 98 era (I think), and we had a desktop computer and an off-brand card-making program.
This is about what the finished product looked like, after some cut and paste and very basic photoshopping. Blurrification for this post done more recently.

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