Thursday, January 19, 2017

Notes from the North: Rime Ice and Birds

Well, it's weeks later, and I'm not up in the far northlands of Southcentral AK anymore (but instead am in the snowy middle-lands of the West), but indeed, the sun did come out the day after I took the ice and snow photos of my last post, and the trees, especially the deciduous trees, were covered with inch-plus-thick rime ice.
There were birds hanging out, in the birch trees especially, though we can't see them here—at least not clearly.
A tree partly in shadow.
Ice and snow on the back fence. Sparkling. Glittering.
Soft rime ice (from days of ice fog) on a shrubby tree.
Some ducks flew by overhead, as did a few ravens.
More trees!
Ice covered trees and icy cirrus clouds.
And here we can see a few of the birds.
These are Bohemian waxwings.
There were huge flocks of the waxwings hanging out in the tops of the birch trees, and until I got these close-ups, we didn't know what they were. These are fairly common in Southcentral, though I don't think I had seen them up there for a few years.


Unknown said...

What was the ambient temperature when these photos were taken?

Silver Fox said...

It was probably 10-12F, although it could have been lower.