Saturday, April 11, 2009

Update from the Lake: Buds and Birds and Flowers and Trees!

sunset This is perhaps a more typical spring update from the lake, as compared to the last update. Last weekend we saw a few more hints of spring appearing here and there, although the grape hyacinths still weren't blooming.
aspen buds A few tiny buds were appearing on some of the aspen trees in the backyard.
aspen and jay Other aspen trees were adorned by catkins - possibly of the male variety, as seen in a closeup on Kim's blog - and by a scrub jay hopping from branch to branch.
lilac Buds on our lilac bushes were just coming out.
manzanita The only flowers in our yard were on manzanita bushes.
snow geese When we drove past Honey Lake last Monday, snow geese were still hanging out in the same place, a little farther from the road in a patch of water, and not quite so picturesque or scenic looking. This flock of geese has been present in this particular area from at least April 3rd to April 6th this year. I don't know what their usual time frame for hanging around is, but I will be looking carefully henceforth!


Mathias said...

You are always posting so many great fotos here SilverFox! Fotography is actually one of your hobbies, isn't it? ;)

Silver Fox said...

Hmm... what makes you think that? ;)