Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Road Song: Telegraph Road

I've been a bit down in the dumps today, so I've been going through old and depressing songs, trying to find something to cheer me up. Maybe that seems a bit perverse, but watching sad movies works sometimes, so why not sad songs - and anyway, the end hints at a happy ending.

Dire Straits: Telegraph Road (lyrics)
Album: Love over Gold, 1982
NOTE: Videos of Telegraph Road are usually found in two parts, with the first part ususally ending at the end of the lyrics, before the long, final instrumental section. This pair of videos is split toward the end of the lyrical part. I don't really like that, but I thought the recording was better overall. Also, there is no official Dire Straits webpage, because they have been disbanded for several years.
As you can probably tell from the post title, this is one of those hundreds of road songs that I thought I had on a list somewhere. In fact, I thought I had recorded this song on one of a series of 90-minute tapes I made in the late 1980's (that was before one could record CD's). I now have a CD version of two of those tapes, recorded for me earlier this year by a geo-colleague who had the foresight to save copies. The CD also contains the contents of two road-song tapes made at about the same time by that geo-type. And it contains additional songs - including what was a non-road-song tape - and some movie clips pertinent to exploration, travel, or having otherwise cultish or historic value.

I'm pretty sure that I made three road song tapes, and the CD contains two of those. The first one was called "Life in the Fast Lane." The second was called "Tucson to Tucumcari." The third, I just don't know. "On the Road Again" - maybe?


Roads said...

Great road song, that one.

Where the streets have no name
Still building them.


Silver Fox said...

I guess your quote is from the U2 song, Where the Streets have No Name? I'll have to add that one to both the desert song list and road song list!

Gaelyn said...

Sorry to hear you're depressed. This music should get you out of it. Great road song.

Silver Fox said...

There are just so many good ones...

ReBecca Hunt-Foster said...

I know how you feel. I have been the same, only for a few months it feels like. I try to listen to good music that cheers me up - Jimmy Buffett usually works. I hope you are feeling better soon!

Silver Fox said...

Jimmy Buffett is a really good idea! I like to excercise with his music. (I'd better spend more time on the elliptical.)

Sorry you've been feeling down, too, ReBecca - mine has been pretty sporadic but stronger yesterday. Good tea and going through lots of music seemed to help. Maybe it's the change in time, and the fall - and I didn't sleep too well and had a few strange dreams.

ReBecca Hunt-Foster said...

I think summer ending and being inside with no windows most of the time has really effected my brain (which is also still on Pacific time - Island time!)

Silver Fox said...

Ah, summer ended! I didn't notice! ;)

I sometimes stay inside too much, so I turn on all the lights and open all the [very few] windows, except when MOH is on nightshift - then I stay inside even more, and don't turn on lights or open windows. His nightshift can be good for my blogging, but bad for other things like phone calls. Don't want to wake him.

Multiple conversational areas - I like that!