Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Our Garden in the Snow

It's snowing today, after snowing all night, and our garden is under wraps, in plastic bins, on top of a heating pad.
It's just a little too chilly and wet to do any gardening today, other than making sure the plants are happy.

This year, we're starting a new garden area in our tiny front yard. It's covered with boards and chicken wire to keep the cats out - other than that, we haven't done anything to it. We're waiting for our plants to grow large enough and for the weather to get warm enough for planting in the ground (rather than in styrofoam cups).
Right next to our front yard garden area, elm branches hang over the down-below fenced yard.
More greenery hanging over the fence, all draped with snow.
Tiny new elm leaves covered with snow.
Shortly I'll have to get packed to go on a field trip. I hope the weather improves and that the mud isn't too much for the buses!

GARDEN UPDATE: The bins are now out from under the tarp, but it's still snowing.


Gaelyn said...

You are certainly getting a lot more snow than we are, and our isn't sticking. Hard to garden this way.

Silver Fox said...

Still snowing... !

Anonymous said...

Looks beautiful! Would you believe yesterday (5-11) it was 91 in LA, and right now at 9:30am its 78. Maybe its all that heat from the burning oil. I wish you could send some of that cold our way.

Silver Fox said...

Can't send it! It's circling round the region, stuck here. :)