Monday, May 10, 2010

Seen in the Field: A Mini-Placer

Seen in the field a few days ago: a mini-placer of pyrite concentrated in small gullies on a smallish alluvial delta.
Zooming in a ways, and then even more.

And hey, I guess this is getting a little fractal or something. I could zoom in farther and farther and... but I'll lose all definition.

I wonder if there might be any gold associated with these little pyrite placers?


Lockwood said...

I'd definitely be walking up the drainage on this one... wonder what the source rock looks like? Very cool!

Silver Fox said...

This is from the same area as my previous, dual mud cracks. I can't get into the source rocks much, but suffice it to say that some of them probably have or had a little gold in them and some of them probably didn't. And it's a very small drainage. Very.

Gaelyn said...

I thought black sand sometimes indicates gold. But hey, pyrite will do for this rockhound.

Silver Fox said...

It's a great start!