Thursday, August 26, 2010

Highway 50 Links

I'm getting ready to post a Highway 50 Series list, but first I want to post general links for Highway 50. Many of these are road and travel links with some geology and history thrown in. The book recommendations at the bottom go directly to This is my first non-retroactive use of Affiliate links (I've added links like these to a few old posts.) The way these work is that I might get paid, but only if someone clicking through actually buys something, and only if they buy something within some certain period of time. Hopefully, this doesn't seem outrageous - I often link to for books I talk about. These are all books I own, books I would recommend to anyone traveling Highway 50 in Nevada (the books at the bottom).

Some General Travel and Highway Links:
Experience the old west in Pony Express Territory, Nevada - Pony Express Territory

The Official Hwy 50 Survival Guide: Loneliest Road in America -

U.S. Highway 50 - Nevada - AARoads

U.S. Route 50 in Nevada - Wikipedia

U.S. Route 50 in Nevada - (similar to Wikipedia, possibly more references)

US50 -- Nevada - US50 Coast to Coast

Nevada's Highway 50 - VIA Magazine, California State Automobile Association

History and Geology Links:
Captain James Hervey Simpson and Highway 50 - The Online Nevada Encyclopedia

Geology of Nevada; a discussion to accompany the Geologic map of Nevada (USGS): Stewart (1980), NBMG Special Publication 4 (link to NBMG sales info).

Books I Own and Recommend:
Geology of the Great Basin

Traveling America's Loneliest Road

Sagebrush Country

Touring California and Nevada Hot Springs

Hot Springs of Nevada


Anonymous said...

Have you read "The Broken Land: Adventures in Great Basin Geology" by Frank DeCourten? If so, what's your opinion of it? It seems a notable absence from your list, but perhaps that's because it's not as focused on Highway 50?

Silver Fox said...

Callan, I do have this book, but overlooked it, and probably haven't read through it enough. I really should read this! Just scanning it, I see some things that I've not seen elsewhere, like info about supergene enrichment at copper deposits, something about the Owl Club in Eureka...

And a diagram I might be able to use at work...

And personal or personable introductions to his chapters.

Thanks for pointing this out! :)

cian said...

I find book recommendations valuable. I may not need them when I first see them, but later when I am looking for something on a given topic I'll go back and try to find that original recommendation from a trusted geosource. If I'm going to give my dollars to Amazon instead of a local bookstore, I'd be happy to see a geoblogger benefit from that in anyway possible!

Silver Fox said...

Cian, thanks for the endorsement! It's a tentative experiment so far, one I haven't done much with.