Wednesday, August 18, 2010

You Go Down There

In a somewhat unrelated aside, here's a plug for one of the best movies the west has ever known, Little Big Man, and one of my many favorite quotes from that movie, "You go down there," said unambiguously to Custer by our hero Jack Crabb upon the eve of Custer's last stand. The part in question starts about half way through, at 2:37.

"You want me to think that you don't want me to go down there, but the subtle truth is you really *don't* want me to go down there!"
A probably more accurate version of the events that day can be listened to here.

And here's a possibly related non-road song to go with the movie quote, by one of my earliest favorite singers, Johnny Horton.

"But Custer didn't listen, at Little Big Horn Custer died."
I don't suppose there's any moral to all this, it's just what came up while I was writing another post.

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