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RIP Middlegate Shoe Tree

Word has it [and now we know it's true] that The Shoe Tree on Highway 50 (Google Street View) in central Nevada at Middlegate (MSRMaps), just east of Middlegate Station (MSRMaps), has been cut down, as reported here and here. The second link [now archived and not viewable without logging in] shows two pictures of the downed tree, with the tree's stump still firmly planted in Eastgate Wash, where the large cottonwood tree had been growing for many, many years. One of the two photos clearly shows the snowy Desatoya Mountains in the background, along with a bit of the eastern hills of the Clan Alpine Mountains. Thanks to @NevadaWolf for spotting this.

UPDATE 3Jan11 9:54 am: Another picture of the cut tree can be seen here.

UPDATE 3Jan11 10:53 am: The photos archived above can be viewed here and here. (Thanks, @NevadaWolf!)

Timing has been tentatively narrowed down by two sources to December 30th (from Shoefiti and the Austin Nevada Facebook page ). The first mention of this sad deed on Twitter was on the afternoon of the 31st.

People often want to know the origin of The Shoe Tree. It apparently dates back about 25 years to the early or mid-1980's, according to this New York Times article.
Middlegate (the notch through the eastern part of the Clan Alpine Mountains) will never look the same.
Neither will the view from Middlegate Station.

I took these photos of The Shoe Tree in early June, 2008. You can see more photos of the Shoe Tree here (with a few other trees).

I'll update when more information comes in; so far I haven't seen anything on any news site.

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UPDATE 6Jan2011: I'm placing most of the identical AP-related stories below and won't be adding to those further. You can find them on Google.

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NOTE: Fredda Stevenson's name is misspelled in some early AP-related stories. //UPDATE: corrections have been made to some articles.

Last Updated: 29Jan2011


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Anonymous said...

Sad, but not surprising. Seems like the worst fate a tree can have is to become famous: it will eventually become the target of morons who can't stand to see other people enjoy something. A similar thing happened to a unique yellow spruce tree that grew on the Queen Charlotte Islands (see story, here: Another instance that comes to mind is that of a well-known, aesthetically gnarled limber pine that grew next to Highway 3 in the Crowsnest Pass area of SW Alberta. It too became the target of vandals (though the tree was already dead when they attacked it). See


Silver Fox said...

I once saw a painting that looked a lot like that second tree you link to, Howard.

Not sure if we'll ever know who cut the shoe tree down or why. Some thought of the tree as an eyesore, which I can possibly see as a viewpoint in winter when the leaves had fallen. In summer, it was a magnificent, tall, green tree, the only one like it on the highway between Fallon and Austin.

I've had mixed opinions about the site ever since Highway 50 became a semi-popular destination for tourists. The tree needed, but didn't have, a porta-potty or outhouse because of overuse by passers-by. I rarely stopped anymore because of that and because I like my highways less populated.