Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Less Snowy Morning Views (and one Afternoon View)

At least two limestone formations and at least one shale without any moon: taken before 7:00 am on March 27th at nearly the same time as the moon picture from five days prior (here).
The just-past-quarter moon as seen farther east in the sky that same morning.
One of my views on the way home from work, with a snowy hill of Tertiary ash-flow tuff on the right and the cyclothemic Pennsylvanian Ely Limestone on the hill behind that. The dark hill on the left, above the Ely Limestone and beneath the dark clouds, is underlain by the garnet-bearing rhyolite of Garnet Hill. March 27th.
Alpine glow on Ward Mountain, March 28th.
I see this truck every morning on the way to work. It hasn't moved in more than three years, unless it moved when I wasn't looking and returned to the same spot. The ice was everywhere that week early in the morning, melting most days to rampant mud. March 28th.

March 29th: a day of no pictures; a day with snow that fell like rain, slanting northward from the southerly wind; a dreary day that at 30 to 34 degrees Fahrenheit felt colder than the chill of all the 20 degree mornings of the several previous sunny or semi-sunny days; a yucky, mucky day.
Two photos of the sunrise the morning of March 30th, above and below.
The last sliver of the waning moon playing peekaboo behind the clouds. Color has been somewhat intensified or weirdicated during enlargement and addition of contrast to make the moon more visible.

The robins have been back for about a week: spring is here!

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