Friday, June 10, 2011

May Utah Trip to be Continued

I'm going to be continuing — in either a haphazard or organized fashion depending on whim and time allowances — our early May trip to Utah, possibly with some other interspersed or random blogging. Time allowances will depend on my posting abilities over the next couple weeks or so, when I will conintue working the 10-hour days of my current stint.

You may think that MOH and I take a lot of trips. Maybe we do. Many are relatively short, some are longer, and the number has something to do with our current schedule, wherein MOH gets 7 days off in a row at the end of 21 days of shifting back and forth between day and night shift (he has 14 days off per month, works 12-hour-plus days), and wherein I usually get about 10 days off for every 17 to 20 days on.

Our early May trip took us south through eastern Nevada along Highway 93, then east into Utah on Nevada route 319 (formerly S.R. 25) and Utah route 56 east and then route 19 south into the big city of St. George. From there, we drove east through Zion, then north and west into Cedar City, UT.

But first, we'll start in Nevada...

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