Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The xkcd Wikipedia meme

(via VWXYNot? and Drug Monkey)

“Click on the first link not in parentheses in any Wikipedia entry. Keep doing this and eventually, you end up at Philosophy." Also see xkcd Wikipedia steps to philosophy.

Starting at Ore, which is what I work on:

1. Ore
2. rock (goes to Rock (Geology))
3. geology
4. science
5. knowledge
6. information
7. sequence
8. mathematics
9. quantity
10. property (goes to Property (Philosophy))
11. modern philosophy
12. Philosophy

Starting at Basin and Range Province (which is where I am). [Aside: "Basin and Range" goes to Geology, and we already know where that leads.]

1. Basin and Range Province
2. physiographic region (goes to United States physiographic region)
3. continental United States (goes to Contiguous states)
4. U.S. States (redirects to U.S. State)
5. federated states
6. consitutional (goes to Constitution)
7. state (goes to State(polity))
8. social sciences
9. fields (goes to List of academic disciplines)
10. academic (goes to Academia)
11. community
12. living
13. life
14. objects (goes to Physical body)
15. physics
16. natural science
17. naturalistic (goes to Naturalism (philosophy))
18. philosophical (goes to Philosophy)

Starting with Beer, which is something to have after work, whether you are in the Basin and Range Province or not:

1. Beer
2. alcoholic beverages
3. drink
4. liquid
5. states of matter
6. phase (goes to Phase (matter))
7. physical sciences (goes to Outline of physical science)
8. natural science
9. naturalistic (goes to Naturalism (philosophy))
10. philosophical (goes to Philosophy)

Wherein we have learned that Beer is closer to Philosophy than either Ore or the Basin and Range Province. But we already knew that, didn't we?

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