Thursday, August 25, 2011

Accretionary Wedge #37: Geology that makes you sweaty and warm.

Lockwood has come up with a sexy topic for this month's Accretionary Wedge — yes, you guessed it (or already knew): Sexy Geology. For the record, Lockwood has defined "sexy" as:
I mean geology that makes your heart race, your pupils dilate. Rocks and exposures that make you feel woozy and warm. Structures and concepts that make your skin alternately sweaty and covered with goosebumps. Places you've visited, read about, or seen photos of that make you feel weak-kneed, and induce a pit in your stomach.
I'm in a bit of a rush these days it seems, and so I'm just going to post a couple photos of some geology that always turns me on, and two links to related posts from earlier this year.
Beds and bedding are always of interest to geologists; cross-bedding is best.

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Also see Callan's recent post.
Photos are of the Jurassic Navajo Sandstone in Zion National Park, on Utah route 9, the Zion–Mount Carmel Highway, a few miles east of the Canyon Overlook Trailhead.

UPDATE: Accretionary Wedge #37, Sexy Geology, is now up at Outside the Interzone!


Gaelyn said...

Last week I drove by those sexy bedding planes in Zion.

The Bobs said...

I vote for this:

Silver Fox said...

Haha! We do have an entry like that here. The whole carnival with all the blog posts will go up next week or so at Outside the Interzone.

Silver Fox said...

Gaelyn, you are always near some of the world's best geology!

David said...

Those exposures as you drive east out of the park are heaven. Many many great views.

Silver Fox said...

So many great views that it's hard to make it through! :)