Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Orbweaver at Our Door

This spider, a type of Orbweaver, has taken up residence just outside our front door.
When I moved in to try to get a closer shot, it moved over, taking a cockeyed stance on its web. I decided not to bother it any further.
The next day when I went out for mail, its web, which had been attached to the mailbox, was gone, and it had retreated to the wall right next to the door.

This is a cat-faced spider, Araneus gemmoides, and I think you can see the little cat face from this straight-overhead angle.

Our spider has now formed a new web, high above the door in the eaves, with a few strands still attached to the mailbox. Hopefully it won't be disturbed in its new location.

Genus Araneus
Family Araneidae
Order Araneae
Class Arachnida
Phyllum Arthropoda


Gaelyn said...

Very cool Orbweaver. I like to watch them spin. Does look rather cat-like.

Callan Bentley said...

Nice shots! Macrobuggin' it!

Tony Edger said...

Wonderful pictures of one of the great artists of the spider world.

D said...

Awesome pictures, what a cool spider! One summer we had a huge spider that I named Cruella DeVille who lived right by our back door. I loved watching her!

Silver Fox said...

Thanks, all. The spider is now in the center of a third web hovering over the mailbox, eyeing everything and everyone carefully. It apparently makes new webs often.

Cath@VWXYNot? said...

Cool photos! How big are these spiders?

I often say that my superpower is the ability to locate any spiderweb within a 100 metre radius, using only my face. Really big webs, especially near doors and across paths, therefore tend to make me feel a bit uncomfortable, even though spiders themselves don't bother me unless they're really big & hairy and/or poisonous!

Silver Fox said...

You know, Cath, I couldn't see anything written about the cat-face spider's usual size. I'd have to estimate a body size (without legs) of 1/2 to 3/4 inches maybe. Largish but not huge.

It does look hairy or furry, but is one of the most common type of spider outside doors or in gardens, and is totally harmless, and although I guess the pinchers or whatever might hurt if it bit - it is non-poisonous. My guess is it probably tries hard to stay away from people!

Webs in faces aren't terrible comfortable, IMO, especially since you don't expect them.

P.S. You need a new superpower. ;)