Monday, September 12, 2011

Macrobug Meme: Ants on Flower

I've been trying to join Callan's bug meme at least since June (also see Dynamic Earth), thinking I could get a nice shot of one of the beetles (Elm beetles?) that perpetually come into our house through the summer, or get a sage beetle walking through the sage while out and about, but those things haven't yet come together. Finally, ants!
These aren't true bugs, but they are arthropods (phyllum Arthropoda) of the insect type (class Insecta), in the family Formicidae. The closeup (1) and enlargement (2) were as close as I could get the lens to to this flower in our garden the other day, so these are tiny little ants. It was cool outside, maybe 45°F, and the ants were barely moving.


Gaelyn said...

Nice macros. I usually don't notice the bugs on flowers while taking the photo but they show up later on the screen.

Silver Fox said...

I was out looking for bugs, and these ants showed up. Funny how I've hardly seen any alive beetles this summer.