Friday, September 5, 2014

Update from the Lake: A Berrying Road Trip

We took off in under fairly clear skies and on a remarkably haze free day — the entire summer has been plagued by haze, smoke, and inordinate amounts of dust — in search of blackberries. On a loop road to the south, we stopped at a little overlook to look back at the lake, across part of a large burn from about two years ago.
Dead trees above the same overlook.
We found our berrying spot...
...right down by the river.
It's hard to tell from this photo exactly how far down the water line is in this reservoir, but it's as low as we had ever seen it, though relatively much higher than the main reservoir downstream (great photos at the link, btw).
A close up of the entangled mass that floated in on the waves...
...from this larger mass out in the lake.
Not sure what this water plant is, but it may not be welcome in our western lakes, as it would seem to impeded boat traffic and swimming.

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