Monday, September 1, 2014

Early Morning Smoke

The sun is about to rise through thick smoke blanketing the
southern Humboldt Range.
Here, the sun is up, and the smoke is so thick that the high part of the Humboldt Range, which would normally be visible in the distance on the left part of the photo, is completed covered by the smoke layer.
Looking off to the southwest, layers of smoke over a green field. 
A screeching hawk on a phone pole. 
Not sure exactly where this smoke, smoke so thick I could smell it most of the day even when working inside, is coming from, but I'm suspecting the Happy Camp fire complex and others in NW California, at least until I hear anything to suggest otherwise.

Note: Photos uploaded directly from my phone to the Blogger app. Blog post was then manipulated on the phone using the Chrome web interface, which is quite awkward. Final touches added on the laptop.


Tony Edger said...

Beautiful pictures - beauty from destruction. The process of uploading from phone to app seems to have worked well, though only second and fifth pictures are active, allowing the reader to enlarge them.

Silver Fox said...

Thanks, Tony! And thanks for alerting me to the HTML problem. Somehow adding a caption changed the coding on the photos. Now fixed!