Monday, January 5, 2015

One Year Ago Today Compared to Last Month: Mud and Snow v. Mud and Water in the Fernley Wildlife Management Area

A year ago today, a thin snow highlighted some Lake Lahontan shorelines on basalt-capped hills out in (or near) the Fernley Wildlife Management Area (FWMA):
Snow on low hills across the dark brown playa in part of the Fortymile Desert on January 5th, 2013.
About a month ago, there wasn't any snow on the ground, buy the playa was dark brown, muddy, and in places very wet.
The same two hills on December 3rd, 2014 (location near Milepost 59 on eastbound I-80).
There was quite a bit of water near the main part of the FWMA a month ago; photo looking southeast toward Hazen from eastbound I-80
between Mileposts 55 and 56.
The roadside marshes were full of water a month ago (near Milepost 57).
A second view of the marshes near Milepost 57.
I'm always pleased to see a lot of water in the FWMA area and roadside marshes. I'll get a chance to see them in a week or so. I wonder what they'll look like then! Hopefully the water table will still be fairly high. And hopefully the marsh and water birds will be swimming, wading, and having a great time!


Matthew von der Ahe said...

I love those relict shorelines of Lake Lahontan in Fortymile. Thanks for sharing that shot.

Silver Fox said...

Sometime maybe I'll stop and look at them more closely!