Thursday, January 15, 2015

Cliffs of the Ruby Mountains: Some Pretty Pictures

And while we're waiting an even longer time for me to get around to posting about the nappe in Lamoille Canyon, here are a few of my favorite pretty pics taken from our campsite at Camp Lamoille in late September. I can say that a bit of the nappe can be seen in a few of these photos, if you know where to look!
Cliffs (with sunset, first night) and the U-shaped valley of South Fork Lamoille Canyon about where it merges with the main part of the canyon.
Oooh! Cliffs and colors!
Oh, besides the nice colors on the cliff walls (sunset, still the first night in camp), this photo shows part of the Lamoille Canyon nappe.
Sunset colors and burning orange aspens.
Alpine glow on the cliffs behind the roof of the wood-heated lodge.
Back to a view of the U-shaped valley.
Our camp and lit-up lodge, with granitic gneiss in the core of the nappe barely visible in the dark cliffs behind the tent.
The next day, noonish: the upper part of the cliffs that were in darkness in the previous photo.
The same cliffs on the morning of the third day; orthogneiss in the core of the nappe showing in the lower left of the photo.
A red-tailed hawk soars overhead just before the downpour of the second day.
Dinner bell at the lodge.
Cliffs, clouds and chimney on the second day.
The rocks of the chimney blend in with the not-so-distant cliffs.
A dusting of snow, cliffs, and orange aspens; early morning of the third day.
The sun rises behind a hill. The shallow slope to the right of center is part of the lateral moraine of  South Fork Lamoille Canyon.

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Hollis said...

Those are pretty pictures! I was in the Ruby's once (other side) -- another place I need to return to. Happy New Year LFD :-)

Nina F said...

There's a lodge here? Ooohhh! Lamoille Canyon is NOT that far from me...

Silver Fox said...

Thanks, Hollis! :-)

Silver Fox said...

Nina, the "lodge" is a wood-heated large dining area and attached kitchen that is part of Camp Lamoille, owned by the Elko Lions Club -- and to stay there you or a group need to reserve the entire area. It's a great camp with large tent camping area and several unheated wooden A-frames. A little info here and here. I was there as part of a fairly large group.

Silver Fox said...

And Happy New Year back to you and In the Company of Plants and Rocks, Hollis :-)

Nina F said...

SF - Very interesting about the lodge. Thx for the info!

roamingpursuits said...

Interesting terrain.

Silver Fox said...

Yes indeed! :)