Thursday, June 25, 2015

A Watering Hole Bites the Dust: Water Hole #1

Water Hole #1 in Golconda, Nevada — a bar made famous in the late 1970s by an industrious pig, Waterhole Ike — closed sometime within the last two to three years, before I had a chance to stop by and check out their beer collection.
Water Hole #1 and attached grocery store in March, 2015.
The bar and store during better times: June, 2012.
Zooming in on the bar.
Note the boarded-up windows.
A view of part of the motel next door.
The rest of the motel.
Part of the motel in June, 2012.
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And, by the way, the stories about Waterhole Ike remind me of a story told by a former colleague of mine, who — back in the old days — once saw a pig walk into a bar up in northern Idaho (or maybe it was Montana? or Colorado??). The bartender or a friend of the pig grabbed a beer (can or bottle, I'm not sure which; brand, I'm not sure of that, either), opened it, and held it for the pig, who immediately guzzled it. The colleague, rather dumbfounded by the incident, asked about this phenomenon and was told that the pig saunters in to the bar about the same time every day and has a beer. (Story verified by another former colleague.)


Hollis said...

that's awesome! (the pig ... not the closing of the bar)

Silver Fox said...

Yeah, crazy!

Anonymous said...

Its a sad day when any bar closes....sniff, sniff...

Silver Fox said...

'Tis indeed.

Anonymous said...

I have actually been considering moving to Golconda; but from the sound of it, there isn't any Golgonda left; Winnemucca is the closest thing to a real town isn't it?

Silver Fox said...

Golconda has a post office and an RV/trailer park (or two?). It hasn't had a gas station for a long time. Winnemucca is a sizable "real" town with everything towns have. It's about 15 miles west of Golconda.