Tuesday, September 8, 2020

New Song Category: Gold or Mining Song | Seminole Wind

John Anderson: Seminole Wind (lyrics)
Album: Seminole Wind, 1992

I'm claiming a new song category: Gold Songs. And kind of like the Road Song category—songs that have to mention roads, streets, etcetera—gold songs are those that mention gold, gold mining, and possibly just mining in general. As a new category, at least on the blog, the definition has not yet been set in stone, so to speak. Another example of a "gold song" would be Heart of Gold by Neil Young.

This particular gold song, Seminole Wind, specifically mentions "days of old" and men digging for gold and silver, after which they "leave the empty holes," i.e. mine shafts, glory holes, or open pits. The song particularly emphasizes a couple negative aspects of gold and mining, though it really focuses on a hope that the Seminole Wind, and possibly the ghost of Osceola, will come and blow currently existing things to shit. (At least that's my interpretation.)

And so, when you happen to be gathering in places where the wind can blow ferociously—for example in Florida, in tornado country and the Midwest in general, in the Mojave Desert, and even in Nevada—watch out.


Robert Folzenlogen said...

Thanks for your post. Unlike your other road songs I was not familiar with this song but enjoyed it very much and plan to download to my music collection. Be safe!

Matthew von der Ahe said...

When I think of songs with “gold”, I think of Neil Young, “Heart of Gold” and Leadbelly, “Gallow’s Pole.” And Led Zeppelin, of course. Mining songs: “Sixteen Tons” by Merle Travis and “Paradise” by John Prine. And almost all Robert Service.