Saturday, October 31, 2015

Update from the Lake: It's Fall Again!

It's been a slow fall, it seems, and when I went out looking for brightly colored leaves yesterday, I didn't find all that many. One reason is that we've cut down all the aspen trees: they take over the yard and block the sun from our newly planted fruit trees and berry bushes ("newly" being in the last couple years). I did find one aspen that hasn't yet gotten pulled as the weed it is; its leaves (above) were mostly green, showing the lateness of the fall.

I went around and photographed some of the more colorful leaves.
Peach tree leaves.
Same plant; closer view.
Wild plant through rusted deer fencing.
Orange lilac leaves, with a hint of new fencing behind.
Leaf from our Surefire™ pie cherry tree.
Some of these pictures remind me of my leaf series watercolors. Maybe I'll start painting again!
This same cherry was nearly killed by a deer last year.
Leaf from our 4-way apple tree.
Not sure which of the four strains that leaf is from. Most leaves on the tree are still green, and a few went directly to brown. Not sure if more will turn yellow, but we are getting a freeze tomorrow night, so...maybe.
The aronia berry leaves have all turned bright red!
As have some leaves on the holly.
Filbert leaves, only partly turned.
Here's one of our Carolina allspice bushes next to an aspen stump.
Carolina allspice leaves.
And now, I'm back outside, under gray skies, to label plants and continue with roof tear-off cleanup. It's busy around here this fall!

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