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Links: Nevada Highway 8A

8A sign taken by yours truly in 2015
I had a comment on an old post a while back about how there is no more Highway 8A in Nevada, and so how that makes me some kinda liar or irresponsible person or something for mentioning the old road designation in said post, so I sat down one day (probably that very day) and Googled up a bunch of links for old (and current) 8A. I've grouped the links by category, the first group being links to recent photos of 8A up in the north part of Washoe County where signs for 8A still exist (I took photos of 8A signs there in August, 2015).

"Jim Stolpa" (1993) - photo of "of NV Road 8A where Jim Stolpa..." by Acey Harper Pictures on Getty Images

"NV-8A East - Nevada State Line" - Flickr photo taken Oct 2006, by Zach

"NV-8A East - Travel At Your Own Risk" - Flickr photo taken Oct 2006, by Zach

Trip & Pics Part Two - Antelope, Wild Horses, Ruby Pipeline, Remote Nevada (2011) - mention  and pics of 8A (and the Stolpas) in a travel blog post

Steep and Rocky's Black Rock Desert Ride (2012) - mention and pic(s) of 8A on page 2 at Adventure Rider (motorcycle trips)

"Route 8A Near Vya, Nevada" - Flickr photo taken Nov 2013, by Ken Lund

"Route 8A Near Massacre Lake and Vya, Nevada" - Flickr photo taken Nov 2013, by Ken Lund

Various Links for 8A in NW Nevada:
Gateway Communities - Cedarville, via 8A, is the "western gateway to the High Rock country"

Camping, BLM California - Applegate Field Office - directions using 8A

Nevada RV Parks & Campgrounds - The Happy Camper Club - directions to Old Yella Dog Ranch via 8A

U.S. 395 route in CA - Facebook post - mentions 8A at the CA-NV stateline

Sherriff's Office investigates fatal accident in northern Washoe County - This is Reno - occurred on S.R. 8A

Lost fire update at Inciweb - NV S.R. 34 closed at S.R. 8A

News about the Lost fire at - updates on NV S.R. 34 and 8A

Nevada State Route 8A at Rediff - "Former State Route 8A...signs remain...still de facto connects SR 140 with California."

Nevada lawmakers avoid tax fairness issue - mention of routes 8A and 34

Google Groups discussion about Highway 140 - mention of 8A

Various Links for 8A in Central Nevada:
District Attorney Presses for Charges in Slaying Case - archive from 1955; mention of 8A north of Carvers in Big Smoky Valley

Nevada State Journal article (1963) - "The 65 mile project will run east from Tonopah to State Route 8A junction."

Placer Gold Deposits of Nevada - USGS Bull 1356 (1973) - p. 36, 42, 62, 65: access to prospects/properties near Battle Mountain and Tonopah

A History of Smoky Valley, Nevada (1997) - see Chapter 20, about Carvers

Growing Up in Central Nevada 1941-1959 (2010) - mention of 8A in a memoir

Various Real Estate Listings on 8A:
Several near Vya (listed as Gerlach)
Near or in Battle Mountain
NOTE: There are more of these; particular listings may not remain active!

Stolpa Links mentioning 8A:
Family Rescued After Being Lost in Snow for a Week : Storm: Soldier walks for help after leaving his wife and baby in a cave. All three are in good condition. - LATimes, January 7, 1993

Family Survives Western Storms After Spending 4 Snowbound Days In Cave - Chicago Tribune, January 7, 1993

Travelers On 'Road To Nowhere' Wonder How Family Survived - Orlando Sentinel, January 10, 1993

Stranded family recounts ordeal - The Baltimore Sun, January 8, 1993

Staying Alive: Stranded Nine Days in a Snowy Nevada Wasteland, a Brave Young Family Survives on Faith, Love, Grit—and a Little Basic Training -, February 8, 1993

The travails of a treacherous trip - Tahoe Daily Tribune, December 13, 2004

I should not be alive… (2006) - Blog post at Mrudulat's Blog

Inspiring True Stories Of Survival. - 2008 forum at

The Stolpa family, marooned east of Vya, 1993 - 2011 forum at Wander The West

Anyone Remember this Story? - 2012 forum at Houzz

Tale of survival: The Stolpa story, Part I - Tahoe Weekly, December 25, 2013

Soldier walks for help after leaving his wife and baby in a cave - July 22, 2014 blog post on tttracy's blog

Santa Cruz Sentinel article (1993) - "It began to seem like the end of the world for the Stolpa family when no other vehicles appeared on Washoe County road 8A."

Stolpa Truck Location kmz location on 8A, Google Earth

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