Saturday, November 14, 2015

Update from the Lake: First Snow!

It was a cold and misty morning, with lots of smoke from wood fires drifting by (cue that wonderful scent that reminds me of fall and winter, but makes my sinuses clog up a bit), when MOH finally got me to drag myself away from the heat of our front-room oil stove. "Take some pictures," he cried, "It's the first snow of the year! And it will melt soon!" So out I went.

Well, it hasn't melted completely, four days later, though snow is gone from the patches of ground that get our low-angle, late fall sun, where the sunlight manages to slip through our neighbors' trees.
Snow on pines, firs, and cedars.
Snow on manzanita, with background of bamboo.
Closeup of snow on ponderosa pine needles.
A leaf hanging from our Blackgold® cherry, with hints of construction in the background.
Green leaves from the same cherry tree. Green!
Snow on Surefire™ pie cherry leaves.
We have a lot of fencing material here and there in our yard.
The raspberries were mostly green when the snow fell (and they still are!).
Snow on the green leaves of our Titan almond tree.
The leaves were mostly gone from the nearby Betty peach tree.
Snow on the Orus 8 gooseberry x currant plants.
Leaves of the Breda Giant and Puciu Super Mol medlars, with snow and shadows.
Snow on manzanita branches.
The manzanita from above, looking down.
Snow on the leaf of the Surefire™ pie cherry tree.
Leaf shadows.
More Surefire™ pie cherry leaves, with partly frozen drips.
Fencing wire hung hanging from the gate.
The gate, with a hint of boat in the background.
Pine needles in corn snow on concrete.
A door leaning against another door.
There is still enough snow in the shadowy parts of the yard for crunching about, and the ground is mostly still frozen, although we are having highs in the low to mid-50s. And surprisingly, at least to me, many of the leaves I photographed for this series are still on the trees and bushes, and the ones that were green are still green.


Hollis said...

finding beauty is a good way to ease into winter!

Silver Fox said...

It seems like it's been kind of sudden. And the medium cold seems colder to me than I think it should. Maybe it's the humidity.