Friday, January 29, 2016

Links: Pumice and Pumicite

In keeping with my recent posts about Glass Mountain, Siskiyou County, CA, I've put together a few links relating mostly to pumice:

Chesterman, C.W., 1956, Pumice, pumicite, and volcanic cinders in California and Technology of pumice, pumicite, and volcanic cinders [pdf; text]: CDMG Bulletin 174, 119 p.

Presley, G.C., 2006, Pumice, pumicite, and volcanic cinder, in Kogel, J.E., Trivedi, N.C., Barker, J.M., and Krukowski, S.T., eds., Industrial rocks and minerals (7th ed.): Littleton, CO, Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration, Inc., p. 743–754.

Pumice and Pumicite Statistics and Information - USGS links and reports.

What is the fate of the pumice rafts? (2012) - at Eruptions.

Pumice flows (down the page), a type of pyroclastic flow - at SDSU.

Pumice - at MEC.

Pumice - at Minerals Zone.

Pumice - at Sandatlas.

Pumice - at Volcano Discovery.

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