Friday, January 18, 2008

Name That Place

I'll try not to be too obvious, or maybe it will be obvious sometimes! This is a photo of an old Mexican restaurant, no longer in business. It was the best place to eat for miles around, back in 1979. What town or village is this located in? The sign may be misleading!

UPDATE: No one has responded to this, so I'll update a little. The sign says "2 Miles Ahead: Empire Store." Empire, Nevada is a small town near a gypsum mine (USG), 2 miles from the slightly larger (?) small town of Gerlach, Nevada. The picture is of the old Mexican Restaurant in Gerlach, which is no longer open. Nowadays, one eats at Bruno's, a great place for homemade ravioli. Gerlach is the staging point for Burning Man on the Black Rock Desert.

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