Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Freezing in the Afternoon Sun

I don’t know why I am up so late, but I’m going to have to give it up and get to bed so I can log, log, log tomorrow. Today’s afternoon excursion out to the drill site was brrr-ey cold. It felt so warm stepping outside the office door—the sun was out, bright and shiny, the wind was almost calm with no hint of blowing snow, and so I went to the field without extra layering. I left behind my lined overpants, left my fleece vest rolled up in my pack, and put on knitted wool gloves. It was freezing in the shade of the already-going-down sun: going down behind one of the nearby hills. The wind was blowing moderately, not as strong as it was two days ago, but still, enough to cause one to really think about hypothermia and frost bite and how fast you can get too cold when the wind chill is probably zero or 10 below (Fahrenheit, that is). Maybe I’ll say more about logging, logging, logging later this week (and maybe not).

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