Monday, January 7, 2008

Where in the West - January

This lake, viewed from the south, is an interior salty lake in the western Cordillera. The mountain and lake are good examples of the horsts and grabens of the Basin and Range. Low-angle normal faults or detachment-style faults are known to occur in this region. The lake is known primarily for it's fishing, and although I've never fished in this lake, I've stayed in the town near it's southern edge many times, looking for gold in the hills to the northeast, east, and southeast. I first drove through this area in 1976 on my way back from looking for a thesis area.

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Ron Schott said...

It's Walker Lake, in Mineral County, Nevada. Remarkably, it looks like you captured almost the same cloud that shows up in the Google Earth imagery!

Silver Fox said...

The snow is different, though. I took the photo in mid-January, 2007.

That's neat how you programed Google Earth in as a link.