Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day

Old House From the photo, you might wonder whether it's Halloween or Valentine's Day. I think that at this particular old house, which MOH and I fondly call "our house" because we often talk about buying it and fixing it up, it is probably "Any Day" - no one lives there anymore. A tiny, plastic dinosaur decorates the exterior of one of the front-room bay windows, making me think that a child somewhere is missing his/her "Brontosaurus."

Going little further with the Valentine Day theme, if I was writing something a little more geological, I think I'd have to write something like this post from Geotripper. The Mojave Desert has long been one of my favorite areas - well, since sometime after I started doing recon there in the early 1980's - and Geotripper's post includes Death Valley, another favorite, along with - YAY! - a core complex with - YAY AGAIN! - detachment faults. And as for the quest to come up with good geological Valentine's Day songs, see the new Green Gabbro. Right now I can't do any better than that, although I think there must be a song some somewhere that I haven't thought of.

BreakupI am finally on days off and so am catching up on various things, including sending emails and downloading photos. As a special day-off thing, I went downtown to have brunch. Along the way, I noticed that it is getting on into "break up" (an Alaskan term, more or less for spring, or that period between winter and non-winter). Snow is melting and water is running and gathering itself into puddles.

Ceiling FanInside the Casino Restaurant, it was refreshing to just sit and relax, eating lunch and staring at the ceiling fan going round and round. I had my cell phone on in case anyone needed any information from me about work, but so far, my phone has been silent. May it remain that way.

Below, you can see that it isn't really spring yet. We still have plenty of snow around. And although the temperature has reached at least 50 degrees F, I am still wearing my winter boots.


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