Wednesday, February 27, 2008

One Word: Mud

MudIt's good to be back at our little house after my first day at work in about 10 days. As you can see, it's muddy outside the house, in this no-frills driveway of ours. And as for work, this photo from Office of Redundancy Office is a lot like what it looks like where I work.

The way I look at my schedule, today was Monday for me. Then, depending on how many days I work in a row - usually from 10 to 20 - I will have a long string of Tuesdays, followed by one Wednesday or "hump day," after which I'll have a long string of Thursdays, finally followed by one Friday. Tomorrow is Tuesday. For MOH, because he works a "Super Seven" schedule (popular at many mines), tomorrow is Friday for him, and Saturday will be his next Monday.


Chuck said...

You keep track? I just have a "God it's hot" day, followed by a few "This is killing me" days, followed by one or two, "I'm getting the hang of this" days, and then I'm in the groove for an endless amount of time, until all of a sudden I get back to camp and my replacement is there.

Silver Fox said...

Well, I don't completely keep track that way by knowing when the middle of my stint is, but the geotechs at the office are often saying "It's MY Friday," on any day of the week, because they have a strange schedule, or one known only to them.