Thursday, February 7, 2008

Mojave Desert

I wanted to post a link about Joshua trees, because the Mojave Desert is one of my interests. You might think that because I'm working in the Nevada high-desert outback (and elsewhere around the west), that the Mojave Desert would be an unlikely place of interest for me. I have, however, worked extensively (and possibly extensionally) in the Mojave Desert, in the past, when The Desert, and the whole state of California, was a little more open to minerals exploration and mining. I have written numerous stories about exploration, in and out and around the Mojave Desert of CA, and I hope to post a few of those here sometime, or have another website for those stories.

One thing is, it's February now, prime time for field work down there, although it sounds like it might be one of those winters where mud is a bit more common than usual, and where some roads could even be washed out. Field season is over when the creosote blooms, we used to say, though we would continue working into May (and sometimes June - yikes!). The creosote blooms anytime from February on, often in March, depending on where in the Mojave one is actually working.

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