Thursday, March 12, 2009

Going to Gabbs?

I'm not planning to go to Gabbs any time soon, but here's a map of the state of Nevada as seen last year on a market wall in Gabbs - north Gabbs, to be precise. Gabbs is that yellow star in west-central Nevada.

We are back from the cold, snowy up-north country of Alaska. It's clear and sunny here at our little house in eastern Nevada, with ice and snow melting and temps gradually warming, at least for now. (It really isn't spring until all mud goes away, IMO.)

Later today I'll check for signs of spring as per recent meme - but I don't expect to find any other than melting, melting... To find spring here, go south - like to Gabbs, NV or Mojave, CA or Death Valley maybe.

I'll catch up on things shortly, while preparing for job finding, meeting attending, and whatever else besides bunched up email, unpacking... oh, the list continues!

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