Friday, March 6, 2009

One Year Ago Today: Drill Steel and Ice

One year ago today, drill steel lying around in the snow had little crystals of ice, from frost...
...and was sparkling and glittering in the early morning sun. It was very cold. In fact, the official low that morning was 9° F (-12° C), according to the Weather Underground, and it was probably colder on the drill site. Average low for March: 22° F; record low in March: -13° F in 1952. Average high in March: 50° F; record high in March: 73° F in 1966.
Ice was lying around everywhere (as apparently were Brunton compasses), forming crystals and little ice ponds.
The ponds, essentially frozen puddles on the dirt roads I drove around on, were not large enough to ice skate on.

This year has probably been a bit warmer than last year; but then, I haven't had to go out at sun-up to check drill rigs. We have had plenty of snow recently, although possibly not as much as last year. For the current temperature of where I am, right now when this post posts, check the sidebar.


Unbalanced Reaction said...

Pretty! We're experiencing unusually warm temperatures for this time of year, so no snow or ice here!

Silver Fox said...

UR, I think it's overall warmer here this winter. But now that I'm back from AK, I see that not all the ice has melted out by the mailbox.