Friday, February 19, 2010

One Year Ago Today: A Stop in Baker, NV

One year ago today, after a rousing snowshoe trip, MOH and I stopped at this establishment in Baker, Nevada (one of very few establishments in Baker, Nevada).
I love the colors of the place, and could probably spend all my time taking pictures.
If you ever stop by, be sure to notice that you can see the Snake Range detachment fault from the front of the building, just under and north of the main sign. The fault can also be seen on the banner of this blog and in a couple other posts. (And the fact that you can see the fault in this photo makes this One Year Ago post also qualify as a Friday Fault Photo post.)
After going inside, you can have a meal in a cheery room...
...or, if you've a mind to, you can have one of a couple fine draft beers. Mmm... makes me thirsty. Bye!

Disclosure: This is not a paid-for restaurant review, just a random blog post.


Gaelyn said...

My kind of town, sort of one-horse. Cute little place with great views.

Silver Fox said...

Definitely one horse!