Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What Dust Hazard?

There's more of a mud and snow hazard this time of year! This sign was seen on a recent roadtrip across central Nevada. Everything brown is yucky, stick-to-boot-type mud.

View Highway 50 in Nevada in a larger map
Zoom in and check out the meanders and cut-off meanders on Slough Creek!


Gaelyn said...

Great capture of a beautiful landscape. What for blowing snow.

Tony Edger said...

Slough Creek is amazing.

Silver Fox said...

I think the snow was blowing before I arrived, and it might be blowing tonight, also!

It's a pretty neat place, but way too muddy (and snow-covered) to look at from the ground right now. I've crossed Slough Creek a few times, but didn't have this great air photo, and didn't stop and look!