Sunday, February 28, 2010

Two Years Ago Today: Things in My Truck

Two years ago today, I was on my way to work one early and frozen morning, having the usual things in my truck: coffee mug with hot coffee in a nearly worn out turquoise "cool cup;" old bottle found somewhere in the field; plastic acid bottle with white lid; bright orange and yellow safety vest with multiple pockets; a "Life is Good" bag filled with miscellany including an extra fleece overshirt; a blue day pack, hidden behind the LIG bag; and brown winter jacket, long and warm for cold days. A roll of duct tape sits around the shift lever. An inverter lies part way under the seat, easy to reach from either side of the truck. Binoculars are in the glove box. A small ice chest carrying my lunch is on the floor below the glove box. Extra shoes and boots, a folding chair, a fire extinguisher, and a first aid kit all live behind the seat. My hand lens is probably dangling from the rear view mirror. There are untold, countless items in the back of the truck, enough things to camp with for a couple days if need be.
When I got home that night, two years ago today, I felt like fiddling around with colors and came up with these two versions of part of the early morning interior view.


Anonymous said...

Conspicuously absent is your rock hammer! Where do you keep that? Mine is permanently resident under the driver's seat (handle end just visible on the door side of the seat), so I can quickly grab it when exiting the truck to check a road cut.


Silver Fox said...

When I'm out banging on rocks - or expect to - my rock hammer live under the driver's seat just like yours. Sometimes I put it in the back of the truck, though, when "just" traveling. The only problem with putting it in the back is that once I get it out, it immediately goes under the seat.