Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dall Sheep on Rocks through Snow

When we took a trip up Turnagain Arm to Girdwood the other day, we were lucky enough to spot a couple Dall sheep on the rocks fairly close to the road. In this first view I got with a quick point-and-shoot while driving past, the two sheep look like dots of snow. (Can you spot them?)
We turned around, came back to one of the usual sheep-viewing spots, and found them again. They were moving uphill, rapidly disappearing from sight.
The lower of two Dall sheep bounds up a small talus slope.
One sheep blends into snow patches behind it. Where is the second?
The second one is barely visible behind the one overlooking the cliff – or maybe that's a patch of snow.


Lockwood said...

Wow! That's cool!

Silver Fox said...

Our Dall sheep watcher (my mom) always spots them before anyone else.