Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tufa Tuesday: Shapes at the Lake

Tufa takes some interesting shapes at Pyramid Lake, NV

The idea for a Tufa Tuesday came upon me a couple years ago after a few geobloggers posted about tufa (some links below). Needless to say, I have yet to really get around to this - and I'm not planning a series!! - but here's a taste of some of the tufa from the northeast shore of Pyramid Lake (Wikipedia, MSRMaps), just off the main dirt road north of Sutcliffe.

Mono Lake Tufa (Ron Schott's Geology Home Companion Blog)
Tufa is so Weird and Cool (Christie at the Cape)
Death Valley Day 2.5 - The Tufa Pinnacles near Trona, CA (Dynamic Earth)
Geology Picture of the Day – Mono Lake Tufa (The Geology News Blog -Rockbandit)
The Tufa Towers of Trona Pinnacles, California (About.com: Geology - Andrew Alden
Dispatches from the Road: Far Western Section Conference in Bishop, California (Geotripper)


Dan McShane said...

I was amazed by the tufa at Pyramid Lake when I drove down the east shore a few years ago. Spent lot of time stopping at every new strange outcrop I saw on a crisp clear morning. Great fun.

Silver Fox said...

It's too bad The Needles aren't open anymore - they are spectacular!