Thursday, July 22, 2010

How to find Detachment: Places, both Here and There

While on the road once again, I'll leave you with these several search phrases that will lead you to find this LFD blog, this time in the category of Places.
  • alcan nino reno
  • before and after alcan highway sticker
  • black rock desert hot springs
  • british columbia folded mountains
  • clear lake, california geysers in 2008-2009
  • loneliest telephone highway nevada
  • long mountain lake in b.c.
  • jarbidge lake fishing
  • jokes about how Yuma got its name
  • mile 41/km 66 Quartz Creek, empties into Kenai Lake
  • most visited truck stop in pa for hookers
  • old house, old doors
  • professor valley road
  • ravioli gerlach
  • repair work on sr 317 rainbow canyon
  • Why it is called professor valley
  • Winnemucca ocean
  • Winnemucca to Oregon highway
  • world map - showing visited countries route 66

So, sieze ya later!

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