Saturday, December 25, 2010

Xmas Greetings from Nevada!

Christmas tree inside Middlegate Station, along Highway 50 in central Nevada—that "loneliest highway" and also the Lincoln Highway.
Decorated antlers.
Decorated six-pack condiment holder.
The view from inside, with decorations.

Decorations were spotted earlier this month, when MOH and I were at Middlegate to do some exploration and to generally get away from it all.

Happy Holidays to all, wherever you may be!


Redbirdie said...

Merry Christmas back to ya from Arkansas!
Very nice photography, by the way!

Silver Fox said...

Thanks! Hope it's warmish in Arkansas. Is cold here today.

Helena Mallonee said...

Those antlers are so cheery, it makes me wish I had some to similarly decorate!
Merry Christmas!

Silver Fox said...

Merry Christmas! I don't have room for antlers - or a tree that size, either! Sometimes I just decorate my 4 house plants. :)

Tony Edger said...

Thanks for a great year of posts. Hope you have a fine new year.

Silver Fox said...

Thanks, Tony! Happy New Year to you, also.

Suvrat Kher said...

Happy Holidays and a New Year to you too Silver Fox :)

Silver Fox said...

Thanks, Suvrat! :)