Friday, December 10, 2010

Twelve Months of LFD (2010)

As per usual (see 2008 and 2009), I'm doing the year-end meme showing the first sentence of the first post of every month, along with - for LFD - the first photo if there happened to be one. Seen everywhere, especially at VWXYNot?, Dreams and hopes of a (former post doc) scientist, There and (hopefully) back again, and Thus Spake Zuska. The rules for this meme are simple, as explained by DrugMonkey: Post the link and first sentence from the first blog entry for each month of the past year.

It being the start of a new year (the year 2010 to be precise), I have a few deep-time links for all you deep-time lovers (or would that be lovers of Deep Time?):
Here, in non-chronological order, are a few of the geoblogospheric posts that have caught my eye recently.

The March, 2010, version of Where in the West (WITW) is really just an excuse to post a glacier picture or two.

Just a quick preview of a roadcut on Highway 36 near Susanville, CA, showing a basalt flow over some white [probably tuffaceous] lake sediments. The reddish baked zone may might include subaerial deposits.

Callan Bentley at Mountain Beltway has had a couple posts up recently about mud cracks.

Three years ago today, while driving between somewhere and somewhere else, I came upon this cool oasis in the greasewood zone below the sagebrush steppe on the northeast side of Honey Lake, CA.

waterI took a road trip last week, south into Big Smoky Valley (MSRMaps), in order to grab a few photos from areas I visited in 1976 while on my thesis hunt.

I just returned from a mega-trip with MOH into central Oregon, where I met with family at an annual reunion-type affair on a basalt-capped bluff overlooking a small Oregon town.

I've been working on a Highway 50 roadside geology series for quite a long time, and have managed to get a few posts in every now and then, but have many more to go before I really consider it complete (could it ever be complete?).

Where in the West, if you might remember, features some [unknown] location in the western part of the northern hemisphere.

Ophir and Out ... well, to Middlegate, anyway.

And so, following on from the post "What is a Road Song," here is the essence of one of the three road tapes I made in the late 1980s.

Everyone who blogs is tagged for this meme.

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