Friday, December 31, 2010

Most Popular Posts from 2010

Yes, it's the time of year when many bloggers go all retrospective on you, at least to some extent, and so I've made a list. Included here are my Top Twenty geological posts as ranked by a complicated cobbled-together .xls formula combining several different sets of stats (see endnote), along with a smattering of other noteworthy posts, particularly some near the beginning of the year when I had incomplete analytics. I've listed these prime posts by date.





Note: Three of the stat programs I use don't go back to the beginning of the year: I've used FeedBurner stats for a couple-three years, started using PostRank during the middle of February, and started using Google Analytics toward the end of June. The internal Blogger stats only go back to early June and don't show stats for all posts, just the top ten. These several analytics programs came up with different rankings, with only the top two to three really agreeing (with FeedBurner being hard to evaluate), so besides combining the rankings, I also checked posts against comment popularity and added a few from the beginning of the year when analytic coverage was thin.

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